Risk Legacy 12/13/14

Warning; if you are working through Risk Legacy, this post takes as a given you have opened all but 2 packets. There are major spoilers throughout.

The Second game of Risk Legacy was a smash hit. I had founded a major city in New Guinea to make it a tough place to start for anyone other than Fixed Dice or myself...we can each take it with the loss of but 2 people, anyone else loses 4.

I got 2nd placement, first turn again. K-Pasa Man started in Mongolia, Fullur in Eastern United States and Bearded Wonder in Iceland. Yes, you read that correctly...nobody started in either South America or Africa.

Naturally I took all of Australia on turn one and expanded into Southeast Asia. Fullur moved as far north as Greenland to take advantage of the mercenary sticker but on his turn Bearded Wonder took it and posted a strong force.

About the third turn K-Pasa man had a couple guys posted up in China; with a major city and Mercenary, it is valuable real estate. I went to attack him with my 8 guys in Southeast Asia. I rolled 3 dice, he rolled 2. I was going to lose 2 but used a missile to make it so I would win 2...and Fullur 3rd-partied us. He wanted to see what was in the 3 missiles pack.

In his defense, he asked if it would bother me. I thought it was funny and, costing him his last 2 missiles, I did not care.

Until we opened the packet.

I lost the 3 guys I attacked with and K-pasa man lost his 2 defending units automatically. No worries yet.

Except...Fullur, having played the 3rd missile, got to select the location of the fallout blast. He picked Southeast Asia. So I lost the full 7 or 8 guys I had there. Then I lost everyone I had in Indonesia as well.

And to leave Australia I would lose half the troops plus one at the end of the turn.

Devastating. And Awesome.

Meanwhile, the next turn I took a chance and took the continent again, but only had 1 guy left in Indonesia...and naturally the next person flipped an event that took it away again.

The next turn I did get it back though and soon was building up 5 troops a turn there. Of course, my turns consisted of place 5 guys on board, see how many I would have left after losing half to the fallout  and going to India. The answer kept coming up 2, 4, 6...while K-Pasa Man was sitting there with strong forces. So if I went to early, he would properly wipe me out and make me do it all over again.

On the far side of the world Bearded Wonder was making great use of building resources by expanding into cities, but he kept leaving 1 guy in cities and losing them to events. Fullur was taking South America and working towards Africa. Finally K-Pasa man went to take all of Asia to get the star for having a continent bonus of 7.

It spread him pretty thin, so I knew I could get 12ish guys up to India and out of the trap. I would actually be a threat in 2-3 more turns.

I busted out, taking India for good measure. Now I was well set up; it would be very tough for anyone to cross the fallout with enough guys to take out my 5 guys sitting in Indonesia, I had 12ish guys in a weak part of the board, would be adding 5 guys per turn and resources aplenty.

So Fullur went on a rampage, having accomplished the 6 cities mission, he took a huge number of casualties working through Bearded Wonder's powerhouse Greenland army, taking out his HQ, working across Europe towards Mongolia.

I had to intervene of course. Twice I flipped combats from K-Pasa Man losing 2 to Fullur losing 2. He fought on. I expended my last missile. They got down to 1 on 1, nobody had missiles, Fullur rolled a 4, K-pasa man rolled, it spun, it was a 2...6...5...stopped on...3!

On his last guy Fullur won. Had the die roll gone elsewise I had a clear path of 1 troop territories to take out all 3 HQs.

What a game.

The nuke was awesome. Turned it from a game I had a solid chance of winning to a wide open game that at one point K-Pasa Man was on the verge of winning, Bearded Wonder had a long-shot he did not take, and Fullur taking a massive risk, powering through Bearded Wonder's missile and my missiles to take an intensely close win.

As an aside, the next game was decided by this game; We all read the mutant powers, we all wanted to try them, and I rolled highest. Whereas the last two nights over to this point 5 games I had always tried to take 1st placement, 1st turn...this time I picked the faction.

I also took a chance. Between the 2 Major Cities and the fallout, Australia is a horrid place to start for almost every faction, so I took 8 troops and 2 coins.

It worked beautifully. I had the population first turn, got 3 bonus guys to an event, and in about 3 turns the game was over. I was adding guys from population and the fallout sticker and in a heartbeat I had so many guys it was academic. best part? Nobody had time to even enter Africa the game ended so fast. And decisively.

So arguably, being able to pick placement late and having lots of truth, I was able to build an unassailable position in about 2 turns, long before anyone could even think about breaking into Australia. I gained troops so fast the outcome of the game was probably a foregone conclusion by turn 3, definitely by turn 4.

Arguably, the game was decided by the nuke that happened in the PRIOR game. That is how momentous that event was.

We played one final game; K-Pasa Man got to choose his faction first and took the Mutants. I ended up with Enclave of the Bear; this works because they have a comeback power allowing them to place recruited troops outside of occupied territories.

I started in my now-beloved New Guinea. K-Pasa man and his mutants started in Brazil. Fullur, for the 4th consecutive time, in Eastern United States, and Bearded Wonder in Iceland.

I started slow, twice losing my continent to events that, with it being next to the fallout, wiped out troops in adjacent territory. Eventually, however, I got it and then plopped 4 guys in Western Europe. Why? Because Northern Europe and Russia are fortified and Ural had mercenary. So I spun up to Ural and started adding a troop per turn.

While this was going on Bearded Wonder and Fullur had a brief battle over Greenland, won by Bearded Wonder. Fullur was now caught between a too strong to overcome force in Greenland and the Mutants in South America.

K-Pasa Man expanded into Africa, but he was slowed by having to keep a powerful presence in Venezuela. Fullur had a strong force in the fortified Central America but also had to expand slowly as Bearded Wonder had 8-10 guys sitting in Greenland.

Meanwhile, Bearded Wonder again used Resourceful to expand into a city. He had a chance to found the World Capital but instead opted to take the 4 resources into hand, building toward 30. He was saving his missile at all costs.

The MAD (mutual assured destruction) going on between those three saw K-Pasa Man slowly start moving up towards Bearded Wonder. Fullur was trying to take all of North America. I was slowly building up forces up in Asia but too slowly. I was mostly picking off weak territories to gain the resources.

Then Kamchatka, bizarrely and inexplicably with 4 coins, turned up. Bearded Wonder used the expand into a city trick and sent guys flying toward Kamchatka. This time the World Capital was founded. Cool pack opening. Excitement ensued.

The problem is, this gave him 3 stars. he was now a threat to win at any given moment. Furthermore, he had 4 cards in hand, so the game was his on his next turn.

I could do very little directly, but I did use my stealthy ability to land in Yakutsk and seize the world capital...and I had chosen the Urban Troop surge mission. Pointless, but we do what we can, right? I simply had too little power to do much of anything. 4 guys in Ural, 4 in Kamchatka, a few in India, and the rest in Australia, separated from the world by a massive nuclear strike.

K-Pasa Man had a chance to win, so he turned in his resources and went after Bearded Wonder, trying to work through his HQ and down to Fullur's. He was foiled when Bearded Wonder made a mighty stand and wore him down to far. He had to pull in his horns but would have a long-shot chance to win again the next turn.

Seeing he had a potential win, Fullur did some math and figured out he could not win this turn but he could probably knock out the Bearded Wonder. K-Pasa Man had worn him down far enough to make that realistic.

He did so with about 2 or 3 guys to spare but was spent. His guys were separated pretty far, but he picked off 7 resources from Bearded Wonder. In other words, next turn either he or K-Pasa Man would have a really good shot to win.

I sat there on 6 resources and studied the board. I had 1 star, my HQ. I could not get both HQs in the north and fight down through all the power to K-Pasa Man's HQ in Peru. I could not knock out Fullur and steal his cards.

I needed to take 2 HQ and accomplish a mission. Hey...I held the World Capital and major cities in Indonesia and New Guinea. Fullur's capital was a city. If I turned in my resources for 13 it would give me 19 guys...I did the math. 6 countries, most with 1 guy. So 13 to attack with. But wait...Ural, it now had 5 guys. I started there. Attacked Russia first.

Fullur had one guy in the fortified territory. First roll he wins, I could win with a missile, but 2/3rds of the time he will roll a 4 and I like my odds of only losing 1 or 2 guys. Bearded Wonder will say, "Want to use a missile? for the next 6 rolls as Fullur rolls a 5 or 6 on every what seemed a probable win seems unlikely.

I roll through Europe, taking out the one guy in Iceland. I now have 2 HQs. I take Greenland. I get down to eastern Canada before they figure out my plan...if I take Eastern US, it is an HQ...3 stars...and instead of taking a card...I fulfill the mission.

Fullur has 4 guys there. I have 8 attacking. 6 attacking. He has 2. I have 4. I missile him away and win by the margin of the extra guys from Ural. When I made the move it was a still one, trading 4 guys to get a mercenary card. In the won the game, because those guys were all I had left on the final turn.

Once again I spent the entire game no threat...everyone else looked likely to win at some point, I never did until I made a desperation move and pulled it out.

Was incredibly fun. Great group of guys, three close one games, one blow out...I love me some Risk legacy.


Risk Legacy 12/13/14

Fullur, noticing this was 12/13/14, the last 'special date" like that to happen in our lifetimes, he thought that was as good an excuse as any to all get together and play some games. We brought a pile, probably had 25 or 30 different games with us.

Started out Fullur and I playing Doomtown while K-Pasa Man and Tim played some space game while the Bearded Wonder read up on something and we waited for Fixed Dice. He still was not there so we switched to Risk Legacy...and never left it, playing 4 games on the day.

Warning: If you are playing Risk Legacy, this post has MAJOR SPOILERS for deep into the game.

The first game I was last to draft. 10 troops were gone...Imperial Balkania was gone...something else. I took first placement, first turn. When it came back to me I took 2 coins. K-Pasa Man started in Australia. I started in Brazil, where I had founded a Major City previously. Fullur started in Eastern US where he had founded a major city. The Bearded Wonder started in India.

So early on it was obvious Fullur and I would be butting heads while K-Pasa Man and the Bearded Wonder would be going at it also. Here is where my nefarious plan came to evil fruition. With taking first turn, I turned in my 2 coins which enabled me to take South America and expand into the Fortified Central America with a strong force.

Fullur and I have dueled often and it has seldom turned out well for him...the dice turn on him at key moments, he fluffs easy wins, not through his own fault etc. So he took the city in Western America and started moving north.

It took K-Pasa Man a couple turns to get Australia under control while the Bearded Wonder expanded throughout Asia, hemming him in. With nobody contesting me I was able to start taking Africa.

It became a self-perpetuating event; Fullur headed north and then south into Europe, I took Africa, K-Pasa Man and the Bearded Wonder fought a war of attrition that favored K-Pasa Man and his 5 per turn over the 3 per turn Bearded Wonder got.

With my population advantage, soon I had both Africa and South America and it was a matter of time. Fullur was really strong but I completed a mission and was able to blast through the depleted Bearded Wonder and K-Pasa Man to take their home bases and win.

Next up: Perhaps the funnest game of Risk legacy I have ever played.


Risk Legacy

Spoiler Alert; if you happen by this blog on a search for the words Risk Legacy, this post has spoilers from pretty deep into the game.

Harold, Bill, Shawn and I got together Friday night to play a bit of Risk Legacy, a game I dearly love. I have been fairly dominating on this board; Shawn has one I believe 1 or 2 times, Kevin has won once, I have won...8.

First game Shawn jumped on my favorite starting place, Australia. However, he made a couple mis-plays.There are major cities in two of the 4 lands, plus a Bio Hazard card. So his first turn he moved into both cities, leaving one guy in each...which meant he lost the continent when the bio-hazard removed his last guy.
On the far side of the board I took South America first turn and put a strong force in North Africa. Harold tried to fight out of Africa but my troop advantage kept him in check. Bill moved cautiously, trying to take half of Europe and half of Asia. I felt it was an obvious strategic mistake but I was firmly entrenched up as far as Eastern and Western United States and had a toe in Europe so he was not getting any continent bonus.
When Shawn took the last city in Australia the second time, there was an event...major cities...and he lost his troop there. So it was the 4th turn before he collected for that.  By then I had troop and Resource advantages and won super easily...for a 9th missile.

Game two, they saw how hard it was to hold Australia. Shawn picked first, so he went to South America...and I took Australia because I was able to start in a major city and go I only lost 3 guys to take Australia instead of 5 and did not self-remove by forgetting the bio-hazard sticker.

 Then things got ridiculous. Flipped over next card...event. I gained 2 guys in each city. Next persons turn, they also caused an event, I added guys turn, even, 2 guys in each city...over the first 2 rounds I picked up an additional 16 guys besides the 3 guys per turn and the 3 for Australia (I named the continent). I had a massive numerical advantage and just expanded like mad, they could not muster enough power to stop me even with all three guys ganging up on me and it was an easy victory. 4 straight population events granting bonuses decided that game.

At this point we are only playing on that board to finish one off because I think I now have 10 missiles?  Just too much for them to get through.

We switched to the other board. Coming in there were 4 games played, 4 different winners and i was none of them. I had to choose starting position 4th. Shawn took South America, Harald took South Africa and I was left with...Europe. Impossible to win with. Every game played so far has been won coming out of one of the 3 southern continents on these two boards.
Shawn took all of S, America on turn 1. Harold took all of Africa. Bill took all of South America. I expanded into one territory, putting 3 guys in it.
Soon the game devolved into Shawn expanding strongly into North America, unable to take it all but only 1-2 countries short at any given time. 
 Harold and Bill battling over Africa with Bill keeping Harold from ever getting the continent bonus while I took my 3 guys and took one territory a turn, then taking out Harold once in battle to get a card with 2 resources.
Then I struck, turning in 6 resources (about 8 turns into the game) and taking all of Africa and finishing my conquest of Europe. I knew I could not hold them, but it was a distraction...with my red star, HQ, and now owning Harald's HQ I only needed one more star to win, but they were thinking about denying my continental bonuses. Harald was too crippled to do anything (he started again with 4 guys in Irkutsk, well away from the action).
Shawn lost a titanic battle and could not break into Europe. Bill, however, took out Egypt and Northern Europe. But he DIDN'T take Madagascar, so I still had 3 stars...and 3 resources. With 12 territories, I took a (wait for it) Risk, placed them all in Ukraine, went down and battled through his Siam and took Bill's headquarters out with 2 guys to spare, winning a game I was never a threat in...until neither he nor Shawn protected their bases. Had I not gone after Bill I would have had 14 guys to take out 6 countries, each with 1 guy in it, to win.
Everyone had a chance to win, and as Shawn proclaimed about 12 times (accurately), he would have won next turn. Easily. Bill also had a chance but made strategic errors. Harold was never in the last game but had the first one in hand for a while. He just played too cautiously.
I love Risk Legacy. So different from Risk, so much more strategy, still some wild swings...ooooohhhhhh yyyyeeeeaaaaahhh